Depression Therapy

for Men

Depression Therapy in Calgary

What is depression?

Depression can stop you from pursuing your goals and connecting with the world in ways you want to.

There are days when you feel hopeless, worthless, and like a shell of a man. You feel like you’re barely holding it together.

The thought of getting out of bed is struggle, let alone trying accomplish anything. Your motivation is non-existent and you feel like a failure.

You don’t want to appear weak so you hold it in. The pain you feel inside is overwhelming. Some days you feel so much emotional anguish that you become numb – you can’t help but feel like there’s no point.

The reality is, depression is more than just feeling sad. When that sadness is constant and starts to impact activities you once found enjoyable, you may be dealing with depression.

For men, depression is particularly challenging because of the messages we receive in society.

Many men are told that talking about emotions is a sign of weakness, and we should “man up” and work through it. This type of messaging has led many men to suppress their feelings, making it difficult to recognize the signs of depression.

Symptoms of Depression

  • A lack of motivation.
  • Loss of interest in activities you typically find enjoyable.
  • Depressed mood for most of the day, nearly every day.
  • Weight loss or weight gain.
  • Feeling worthless or excessive/inappropriate guilt.
  • Fatigue or loss of energy almost every day.
  • Decreased concentration.
  • Insomnia or hypersomnia.
  • Thoughts of death/suicide with or without a plan.
  • Destructive behaviours to numb emotional pain – drinking, drugs, sex, porn, unhealthy eating habits, etc.
  • Isolating yourself and not staying in touch with friends.

You might catch yourself thinking…

  • I am a complete failure.
  • I will never feel happy again.
  • Something is wrong with me. I am broken.
  • I hate myself.
  • I don’t want to get out of bed.
  • I am worthless and hopeless.
  • I have no confidence.

It is said that depression is anger turned inwards. When depressed, your internal dialogue can be cruel and dark. You may find yourself ruminating on incredibly dark thoughts that can be overwhelming and incredibly difficult to deal with.

When depressed, you see the world through the dark lens of depression, and nothing may bring you pleasure. You feel like you are sinking deeper and deeper into a pit of despair. It is a painful place to be.

There is hope, though!

With the right approach and treatment plan, you can come out of the darkness and regain joy in your life again.

Together, we will get you to a place where you have the energy and motivation to work towards your goals, feel good about yourself, enjoy your life, and experience rich and fulfilling relationships.

You will build healthier habits and discover proven strategies for dealing with the negative cycles of thought and behaviour that are often associated with depression.

As a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor in Calgary who is focused on men’s mental health, I’ve worked with many clients who have experienced major transformations with depression. You can make those same transformations, and you don’t need to do it alone!

Reach out today, and let’s tackle your depression together.

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