Self-Esteem Therapy

for Men

Self-Esteem Therapy in Calgary

Dealing with low self-esteem?

When your self-esteem is unbalanced, you don’t feel great about who you are or feel deserving of the respect of others.

You are constantly second-guessing yourself and never feel you are good enough – no matter what others say, or what success you have your self-confidence is non-existent.

You look in the mirror and don’t love or even like the guy starring back at you. That critical voice in your head is constantly telling you that you’re not good enough and that you’ll never be good enough.

The truth is, your self-esteem impacts how you think, feel, and behave. Having low self-esteem can negatively impact every area of your life.

Symptoms of Low Self-Esteem

  • You lack trust and belief in yourself.
  • You are constantly comparing yourself to others.
  • You are a people-pleaser.
  • You rarely speak your mind.
  • You have unhealthy boundaries.
  • You have a fear of failure.
  • You lack confidence.
  • You struggle to accept feedback.
  • You put others down and judge others constantly.
  • You have a lot of negative self-talk.

You might catch yourself thinking…

  • I am a complete failure.
  • I’m not good enough.
  • I always make mistakes.
  • Other people’s needs are more important than mine.
  • I am unlovable.
  • I don’t know what I want from my life/career/relationships.
  • I hate myself.
  • I will never succeed.

Research has shown that low self-esteem is connected with mental health conditions like anxiety and depression. It is hard to say if mental health conditions such as anxiety or depression cause low self-esteem or the other way around. Either way, having low self-esteem can make life uncomfortable.

As men, low self-esteem might present itself as a need to appear more successful than others, pretending to be someone you are not, or even engaging in overspending, overworking, or overconsuming. Ultimately, these are unhealthy coping strategies that attempt to make up for low self-esteem.

There is hope, and I can help!

You can build up your self-esteem and, as a result, live with more purpose, meaning, and fulfillment. 

Together we will explore the root of your low self-esteem. Often low self-esteem results from adverse childhood experiences or traumas, the way your parents raised you, or other experiences you have had over your life.

By identifying potential sources of your low self-esteem, we will create a plan of action for developing a healthy and balanced self-esteem.

As a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor in Calgary who works with men, many of my clients deal with challenges with self-esteem and have worked to move from simply surviving, to thriving.

If this is something you are currently struggling with, reach out today, and we can begin your transformation.

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